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The Darker BioWeapons Future

This article recently unclassified by the CIA reflects the dramatic changes in potential biological attacks.

The shocking ease of release, and amount of human destruction is un-nerving.

With the numerous terrorist groups, with financial and government support creates an atmosphere of unease.

Please note that the allies are really not any better. A recent documentary has shown the USA used biological weapons in North Korea in the early 1950s. The would drop infected insects, dead animals and feathers causing much wide spread illness.

However, the scale described in the report is certainly much more catastrophic !

Scientists are telling the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency that advances in biotechnology could be used to create biological weapons worse than any disease known to humans.
A CIA report released Friday, entitled "The Darker Bioweapons Future," details the fears of respected, independent scientists who met at a conference in January.

The report says new genetic engineering technology being used to create cures for disease could also create horrific diseases with no cure. Such weapons could include a "stealth" virus that would lie dormant in a victim for a specific amount of time, or until triggered by the introduction of another, non-lethal substance.

Another biotechnology weapon might only attack people who already have a common malady, such as arthritis, thus crippling a nation with an overwhelming medical emergency.

The report says traditional methods for guarding against weapons of mass destruction may fail against such threats because they could be virtually impossible to trace to their source.

The report does not say which countries or groups might use such bioweapons to threaten the United States.

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Yeah, what GEEMAN said, Just what the @#$%&*!! do any of these inane posts have to do with 1911 pistols?

I realize this is the Legal and Political forum, but I thought that meant Legal and Political issues peritinent to GUN OWNERSHIP, SELF DEFENSE, ETC.

If I want ZOG rants and half-baked conspiracy theories, I can go to www.tinfoilhats.com ! :rolleyes:
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