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Hey all, nothing like a present at home during lunch. My P12 and P13 were there waiting for me from Tripp Research frames all hard chromed up and lookin' SPIFFY!

With the roughness of the Para frames, I was not expecting such a fine finish! Virgil Tripp really got these bad boys looking GREAT!

And speaking of Virgil and great, I only had the frames done (I am a fool for duo-tone) and he did a few things extra that I thought added a great touch.

Both hammers had some rough spots from the summers I carried 'em, and the spots were polished to a mirror finish to match the rest of the hammer! In fact I believe that the hammers were hard chromed! Either way, it was more then what I had asked for!

The only finishing I will use for now on is www.trippresearch.com.


PS Yes I know I have a typo in the subject line, can Derek say "doi"!

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