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The Ruger force was strong

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I couldn't resist. The LW shoots so well, it needed a partner. Plus, I had an extra set of VZ's that needed a home. I'm done for a while.:LOL:
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Good range report on the CMD-no failures of any kind. Used the two 7rd mags that came with it and 3 new MecGar 8 rounders. These were the first shots-
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Had a problem with the Lightweight. When loading my marked "#3" MecGar mag into the pistol, the slide would not go forward (maybe 1/4"). This happened twice with the same magazine, but no others. Bad magazine? Other than that, it ran perfectly.
One of these targets was shooting with bifocals and the other without. I can't remember which one is which. A professional shooter would've brought a pen to the range to write with.....:LOL:
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