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We have in the past discussed revolvers chambered in .327 magnum. I have two revolvers, a S&W632 3 inch bbl, and a Ruger LCR (DAO; no exposed hammer) and they are great little revolvers which have replaced my need for a deep conceal .380 pocket gun.

Lucky Gunner just published an article (Link Below) on the .327 magnum LCR revolvers which is a .32 caliber revolver capable of backward compatibility to a 140 year old cartridge, the .32 S&W (short).

What makes this such a versatile chambering if you haven't familiarized yourself with it is that the four cartridges gives you a wide range of loading from a super soft shooting .32 S&W (as soft as a .22LR in felt recoil) to a kicking mule hot .327 magnum load all in one pocket sized gun.

They did a ballistics gel test of all 4 cartridges, plus a 5X5 drill test to approximate recoil (speed of follow up shots).

Good read if you are in the market for a reliable small conceal carry revolver that will give you as much protection as a .38 spl J-Frame but with 6 rounds instead of 5.

Why the Best Snub Nose Caliber is .32
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