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Hold my beer & watch this
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So I was at the shop,you know,just chillin'...well I was there to buy a Boresnake really. And lo and behold, sitting there on display,just chillin' much like myself, was a Pointman Aussie.

Now Dw's,especially used ones, are not that common around here. Guy traded it in on a hi-cap Para or something for competition. Ha! Thanks,sucker.
I bought it on the spot for $599 and change out the door.

The guts needed a little scrubbing,but you could tell it was taken care of. Salesman said previous owner put about 1000 or so through it, but even twice that ain't nothin'. I can't wait to shoot it. My PM1 is at Gemini Customs, so I had to have a DW at home to keep my Kimbers in their place.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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