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They Sold the Colt....YEAH.

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my local range shop finally sold the Colt that i had looked at (the one that looked like a myopic smith milled the thing).....oh....no offense to wearers of glasses intended as i wear tri-focals, or to current or future Colt owners, as i may be one.:)

what this means is that another one will be coming in (YEAH) and hopefully the new one will be a touch better in the "overall" department and also have a plunger tube that is not totally whacked up when i take her apart.:scratch:

yes...a Colt is still on my "to buy list".:cool:

be safe, shoot well.:rock:
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Shame you had to wait for some unknowing sucker to buy the last one. It should've been returned to the factory by the dealer or distributor. If Colt isn't willing to take guns back from dealers then I guess it explains why so few are willing to stock Colts these days.

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i hear what you are saying but quick clarification here.

i did point out my concerns to the folks in the shop and then left it to them make their call on what to do. i don't know if the buyer was "unknowing" or not as the issues i saw were fairly obvious. the cosmetic things were right out front and the plunger tube issue was found when they let me strip the gun. the range folks will normally be very up front about any issues with any prospective buyer. some folks will buy and fix. i am just not a very good "fixer" while others are.

one thing i will say is that in the past the folks in the range shop have been very open about sharing any concerns they have about a gun they are selling and then let the buyer make the call. it is just the kind of folks (all three of them) they have been with me. they even steered me away from buying a couple of guns they knew would not be up to my standards. i know this sounds odd but that is the kind of people that work there. i can't speak for what they did or did not share with the other buyer but i would expect them to have been up front with him.

in fact...since you raised the issue and i am the kind of guy who would not like that being done to me i will ask them on this and find out what was said or not said. they will be open in a couple of hours and i will make a call and get back to you.

be safe, shoot well.:rock:
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