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thinking of a long slide

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Thinking of buying one.
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What will you be using it for? For competition or huntg, it would be great. For CCW, it would be too big. For CCW, a 5" barrel is the longest I'd use.

Billy Ray
I just shot my V-16 45 Super. All I can say is WOW!!! I have onle shot 45acp in it, but am loading 45 super today. Absolutely beautiful.

I'm thinking maybe shooting ppc or bullseye.
I've got guns for ppc and ipsc. Something to play with would be closer.
I had one for about a week, and I've shot two others. They would need a new barrel fitted for bullseye. The rear lock up was pretty bad on all three I shot. The one I owned wouldn't do better than 4" at 25 yards, when my Kimber and Baer were both shooting under 1.5". I tried several different loads and gave up. If you want a good bullseye .45 and you're patient you can usually find a used Clark longslide for under $1100.
I don't know about that...With all the changes they've made...you might be pleasantly surprised...Besides...if you LIKE the SA line...They can do anything you like in the custom shop right at SA. That way, you'll have a custom SA that's been hand fitted in the USA


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SA barrels frequently aren't adequate for bullseye. I haven't checked since late 1999, but at that time there were several bullseye pistolsmiths who considered SA barrels to be the only major manufacturer's that couldn't consistently be made bullseye accurate (generally under 2" for 10 shots at 50 yards). They are fine for general shooting, but a poor choice for real precision. Most bullseye guns have the barrel replaced anyway, and the rest of the SA guns is fine, so it's not a big deal.
I just got done shootin' some 45 Super handloads and all I can say is Holy Cow! I have heard a bit about these Springfields not being accurate, but I must have got a real winner. It seems to like HS-7 powder. This V-16 45 Super longslide has just replaced my Para Ord. as my favorite hand gun of all time.
I shoot at on an outdoor range where anything goes, if you can get it on the range you can shoot it including full auto. When I shoot my v16 super people actually stopped shooting to see what I was shooting. That's pretty cool. As far as accuracy, It's more accurate than I am.
1999...let's see, this 2001, that's two years. I guess something good might've happened in that much time. I hear we have a new president BTW!

...just giggin' ya'MS

But that IS old news, SA has changed their new models quite a bit...Just happened in the last couple months BTW...

...another BTW...I HAVE one of those barrels you're talkin' about...It's cause it's made of two pieces instead of one and they weren't thought to be amenable to the process Clark and others put them through, I believe to make Bullseye pistols.
If I was gonna' shoot that many rounds, I wouldn't spend 1000 on makin' a keeper just to have it fail either. For 150 bucks you can get an awful good barrel these days...


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I just picked up my new 9628 stainless longslide today. I will post a range report when I get time to go shoot it. So far I can tell you the trigger is a bit notchy or maybe too heavy and the gun has lots of sharp edges that I would like smoother. Sure looks big and seems like great frame to slide fit.
I bought mine a year ago, and I love. More accurate than I out of the box, very, very few failures/jams (I had a few using someone elses reloads, but since I started reloading myself, I've had zero in 1000), no additional work done to it, or anticipated.
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