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This ammo or that ammo

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I have read article after article, thread after thread or people discussing which ammo is most effective, whether it be hollow point or ball. In all honesty it doesn't really matter what kind you use. If your loaded up with Blacktalontacticalnukepoliticiankillinggothrough20peopleAPAPI and hit them in the knee with it it's not going to kill them (well maybe sinse I threw the tactical nuke in there), the most important factor(or only one in my opinion) is shot placement. As for the rest Front Sight puts it best. Load up the biggest baddest fastest bulet you can shoot optimized between speed and accuracy. All the rest doesn't matter. Now that I got that out of the way, for those of you that must have a Kill all bullet I have found EFMJ's. That is Federals Expanding Full Metal Jacket. The bullet has the qualities of both hollow point and FMJ's. Go read about it here http://www.ammoman.com/40_EP_DESC.htm If anyone else has feedback on it I would love to hear about it.
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The beauty of the .45 acp is that even if your Blacktalontacticalnukepoliticiankillinggothrough20
peopleAPAPI rounds don't expand or blow up as advertised, you still have a really nice hole in the target, a pretty good sized hole at that. While I think 230 gr. Premium Hydrashoks are great rounds and good expansion performers based on what I have read, I feel that expansion is just a bonus if it occurs.

And of course shot placement counts most of all. Even EFMJ rounds fail to expand if they don't hit anything!
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