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Commander Classic Bobtail, .45

Unfortunately it was not perfect like my hopes and expectations had been prepped for. Well I do like that FP-10! No lock up or any of that.

I fired 150 rounds of Winchester and Magtech.

I was having a problem with the slide lock.

Sometimes it would lock open sometimes not but the mag follower was bypassing the slide lock and mags would hang until I pushed the follower back below the slide lock. The mag followers would still hang, locked open or not.

I isolated it to one mag that did it more than the other.

A mag problem you think? Not so fast.

When I got back home I looked under the bright light and noticed that the slide lock had been dragging against the inside of the slide rail. There was just too much friction for the follower to sufficiently raise the slide lock.

The slide lock was actually setting a bit too far away from the frame at the lock end. Yes the slide lock pin was fully inserted against the frame.

With nothing but the slide, frame and slide lock assembled I could feel this drag when engaging the slide lock. If I pushed the end of the slide lock against the frame, flexing it, then it slid into the slide lock notch with no resistance.

So I bent my damn slide lock to be as close to the frame as possible. Now it neither drags against the outside of the frame nor the inside of the slide rail. I'll file the inside of the slide side groove of the slide lock if I have to.

On the bench there is a crisp click now when I pull slide slowly back against an empty mag as the slide lock engages. I don't recall it doing it that crisp before my smithing.

The grip screws came pretty loose and don't have good hex sockets that fit any of my Allen wrenches, they must be replaced soon. Not my wrenches, the screws.

Aside from having these minor problems it shoots like a champ. No FTF or FTE.

Does any of this make sense? Is this normal to have to tune something like this? Someone please tell me "Welcome to the early 20th century".

Sorry my pictures won't post well but how bad does the wear from the slide lock dragging the inside of the slide rail look to you pro's.

I wish none of it had happened. I hear the word on the street is that almost every good 1911 needs to have a final tweaking before they run like they all can.

Honeymoon from hell!


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Had a similiar issue with my SSC.

I threw away the OEM slide stop & put in a Wilson "bullet proof" stop & my issues went away.


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