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Thoughts on a 7" 10mm 1911

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As the title says - thoughts, availability, and lead-time on a 7" 1911 from fusion?
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I think that I would get a six inch gun first and see how much I like that, seven inch I just do not know.
I'm in this camp. I have a SA 1911 5" in 10mm I am very happy with. I had the long slide SA 10mm with 6" slide and I found it not enjoyable to shoot at the range as it is HEAVY in the 1911 platform. I don't have a true need for a 6" or long for that matter in 10mm but if I did the Glock platform would help with the weight issue, at least for me and my experience. The recommendation is try it out even at 6" in a 1911 before you buy. Luckily for me I was able to sell at under a $100 loss to a friend so wasn't a bad hit.
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