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Thoughts on the SFS (Safety Fast Shooting) Kit?

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I shot a buddy's 1911 that had an SFS (Safety Fast Shooting) Kit installed on it. It was pretty nice. Seems like a good piece of equipment, but I was wondering if anyone has experience with the SFS (good or bad).

The SFS Kit is sold by Cylinder & Slide Inc. www.cylinder-slide.com

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Massod Ayoob, officer/gunwriter, seems to really like these units. He is very liability conscious so that might be an indicator.
I had one in a Browning. It's neat enough, but I've gotten used to sweeping the safety on when I wrack the slide. With the SFS kit, you have to change your grip and push the hammer forward.
It's really just for appearance's sake, so it doesn't look like the hammer is cocked. The hammer spring is still under pressure.
One of the reasons I like the 1911 is the simplicity and robostness of the design. I'd have to do a lot of paper punching with this setup to convince myself that it's a good thing for defensive purposes. I know FN has had this design for 20 some years, but I have never known it to be adopted by any military or le units, and I have never seen any durability results. Not saying it's bad, just being cautious.
It's gotta be selling well since Numrich/Gun Parts offer it.

It may well work like it is advertized and it may be durable but I rank the idea with the old Caravele "Double Ace" unit that replaced the MSH and GS and worked something like a H&KP-7 sqeeze cocker. Interesting but of little practical use.

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