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Call Joe Cominolli, Accu-rail East...the Accu-railing will solve your potential galling problem and give you a "dead nuts"slide to frame fit without beating on the rails and scarring up your gun! Also, now you have the basis for a very accurate pistol if you decide to upgrade to a matchgrade barrel and bushing. As the tool steel rails wear you can send the slide and frame back and they will fit a larger rail in 10 thousandth increments for a nominal fee...last I checked it was $35 for replacement rails. The Accu-railing itself is approx. $225 to $275 depending on what you do, extra rails, etc. Talk to Joe or Tom ...both very knowledgable...and I believe Joe is a member of the American Pistolsmith's Guild...If your gun doesn't measure out properly and will not Accu-rail well they will tell you rather than do a procedure just to do the work- very ethical fellows!
Oh, BTW, the last Custom I did in a Commander length barrel was accu-railed by Joe, and I fitted it w/a Nowlin Barrel. With a scope grip mounted and bench rested, it would cut a 1" hole with a full magazine of 8 at 25 yds.,(.45 Caliber-no flyers!). One of my better projects that went together perfect...(I was having a really good day-LOL).
Best Regards-Barry J.Greyson
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