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Tisas at SHOT 2023

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Some shots of the booth in the main hall, will add others as we combine resources back in Knoxville.
Font Luggage and bags Signage Advertising Electric blue

Product Building Automotive design Suit Event

Jeans Trousers Automotive design Musician Luggage and bags

Automotive design Lighting Interior design Building Suit

Automotive design Engineering space shuttle Font Machine

Trousers Outerwear Fashion Standing Luggage and bags
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Nice that it has a forged frame.
what is used on the sear? Disconnecter? Hammer? Mim or tool steel?
Tisas USA says they are transitioning to all machined tool steel parts and that currently the only remaining MIM part is the recoil spring cap.
Geez this company is building on heck of an 1911, at great prices.
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