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Tisas at SHOT 2023

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Some shots of the booth in the main hall, will add others as we combine resources back in Knoxville.
Font Luggage and bags Signage Advertising Electric blue

Product Building Automotive design Suit Event

Jeans Trousers Automotive design Musician Luggage and bags

Automotive design Lighting Interior design Building Suit

Automotive design Engineering space shuttle Font Machine

Trousers Outerwear Fashion Standing Luggage and bags
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Might as well go modern all the way. They should have adapted slide to mount optics.
The PX-9 is RMR cut.
I had to Google the guy.

snip... Here's the problem. A couple problems actually.
U.S. citizenship and allegiance to the country aren't mutually inclusive, particularly among the elite.
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snip... My last mexico made chevy silverado is gone, at least my Nissian Frontier 4 door 4x4 was made in Mississppi . I mean my - Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi- Frontier . Its more American than my last silverado.
My old Toyota Tundra was built in Indiana. They make em down in San Antonio, Texas, too...
snip... The four Tisas 1911s though have been everything the 1911 was famous for
...amazing well finished with simply no machining marks.
And have I mentioned $339.00?
$319.99 ea OTD

Tool Toolbox Gas Gun barrel Gun accessory
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They were sold as 'blem' because the frame was darker in color than the slide.
Haha I thought two-tone was all the rage these days.
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Centerfire Systems and Classic Firearms have saved me a lot of money on Tisas'
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