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Titanium frames

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Not long ago, I built a commander size 1911 using a Caspian Titanium frame and a Caspian stainless steel slide. As I shot the gun, the frame began to show galling, the slide to frame fit began to loosen, and the slide slide very roughly over the slide. As this got worse, the gun began failing to eject.

After some discussions with Gary Smith at Caspian, we decided the problem was that stainless slide would not run on the Ti frame. So, I purchased a new Ti frame and a carbon steel slide. I fitted the slide to the frame and began working the slide on the frame by hand. The same thing began to happen. The frame began to show signs of galling from just working the slide and frame by hand.

This time we (Gary and me) decided the problem was the Brasso I was using to lap the frame to the slide.

However, a friend of mine bought a Ti frame and SS slide and did not lap the slide to the frame and his did the same thing mine did.

The bottom line is, out of three guns, none are even came close to working.

Several top gunsmiths have built Ti frames with carbon slides and seem to be getting them to work.

Anybody got any ideas about this?

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I think Taurus has been having problems with their PT-145 Ti. They have been promising the Titanium version of their PT-145 for a long time, and lately you don't even see the marketing info on their web site anymore.
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