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I have found a CED (Has an infrared upgrade that is must have for indoors and on overcast cloudy days) chrono invaluable in my reloading.

Trying to match the perfromance of factory ammunition by feel is hit and miss at best. Perceived recoil is not cut and dry. Different powder, bullets, primer can all affect this. You can have a reload that has less percieved recoil than factory and still be a hotter round. This is heavily dependent on the recoil impulse and how it is applied.

Chrono's also allow you to load to specific power factors if you get involved in action sports. One more of many benefits is it lets you see trends in your ammmo and how seatingdepth crimp etc affect your reloads.

One example was where I was working up a load in my glock 35. I started at the min recommended load and made batches of 20 at .2 grain increments. I chrono'd the rounds noting High,Low,Avg velocity as well as Extreme spread and standard deviation. At a point I started getting large SD, ES readings and large avg velocity jump. I correlated this to a jump in pressure for the round. Without the chrono I wouldn't have stopped and backed down a little.

As for the inside range problem... Talk to the owner and offer to bring the chrono in after/before hours for you both to use. If they run IDPA indoor matches join up and offer the same there. The rules of not going past the Firing line are thre for normal idiots that show up. When the above tactics are used they almost always work. One example is an outdoor range I used that did not allow movement or shots faster than 2 sec apart. I shoot IDPA/IPSC and wanted to practice. I demonstrated my gun handling and how I could keep hits on paper at a rate faster than one every 2 secs. He wanted to learn more and long sotry short I can now go before the range opens to public or on the down day and practice any way I like.

Oh well I got long winded but I wouldn't give up. Just try a different door.

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