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To Replace an Extractor

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Another first time, long time. This board is a goldmine of information!

Extractors seem to get a lot of attention. OK, you are going to replace an extractor. AFTEC aside,(Series 80) you've got Brown "Hardcore" & "Match", Wilson "Bulletproof", & "Heavy duty" McCormick "Hardened", Nowlin "Tuff Stuff" Cylinder & Slide is the only one I've read that touts "spring steel", which I guess an extractor needs some spring,(duh)
so whose part gets the nod among the top gunsmiths? Whose extractor do you use and why?

Thanks in advance

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I'm not a smith, but I've used my share of extractors, and Wilson Bulletproof has been my choice for a few years now. Once properly tuned, it holds its tension longer than any other I've tried, and doesn't seem to wear/break as quickly.

Also, do a a search under "extractors". There is a lot of info on them there already
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Oh yeah - welcome Kevin!
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