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Question for you experts out there.
Last week I loaded 100 rnds and went to the range. This is subjective, but the load felt "hot". Snappy recoil and found one case, the spot where the primer was struck by the firing pin was sticking out.A few others seemed to have the breach face embosed on the primer.
I was using info off Midways loadmap booklet.
Supposibly I was loading under the maximum in Midways book.

This is what I used.

230 gr Magtech bullets,
W231 5.7 gr,
various brass seated OAL 1.250-1.255 depending on the brass.
Light taper crimp.

I used this same combo before except W231 5.3gr and it felt much milder.
According to midways loadmap I should been a few steps under max. Guess I better go back to 5.3 W231.
I was using a Combat Commander and a CZ97b.

Anyone else use a similar load?
What do you guys think?


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Thanks all for your replies.
Yes it has been hot here. Over 100, but my reloads were in the car, air conditioned.
Might have been the seating depth, I also have a pretty solid taper crimp on them. I don't think they would have seated any deeper.
Not all of my rounds had the primer pressure signs and when I think about it my first 10 rounds or so were AOL of 1.24-1.245.
Then I raised the die to seat about 1.25-1.255. Might have been those first few giving me the primer troubles.
I think I'll try to settle for somewhere between
5.3 -5.7 of W231 and seated 1.26. Then I'll see where I'm at.
thanks again gang,
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