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Trading anyone?

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Although this really isn't the forum for trading, I figured it's still the right place for reloading goods.

I've got a few calipers (digital and dial) and micrometers, a couple of infrared thermometers (one has a scope for aiming), and a handheld tachometer (maybe not reloading related) that I have no use for.

If anyone has any of their personal stash gathering dust I'll be interested in a trade. I can proved photos if needed.

The calipers and mics are all Mitutoyo, so these are quality items that range from barely used to brand new.
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I should mention that these primers are BARELY used (once only I think), and they look almost new.

Start the bidding gentlemen.......this is too good a deal to pass up.

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It is the Speer manual #8 that is worth its weight in gold. It was printed before Speer started worrying about psi and cup and SAAMI and stuff. They used case head expansion as their pressure test, and there were some hefty loads, like 7.7 of Unique with the 200 jhp for 1000 fps in a Commander.

It also had a .38 Special load, which I won't quote, that made 1000 fps (chronographed 998 in mine) in a 2" .38 with the 158 lswc. It went 1117 fps in a 6" K-38. I have been using that load for years with nary a problem -- except for recoil in a light weight snubby!
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