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Transition Government Model... pics

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I found this NIB Colt in the back room of a old Colt distributer. Anyone see this model before???

The slide is marked COLT MARK IV SERIES 80 on one side and GOVERNMENT MODEL on the other. It has factory dark parkerizing and factory diamond checkered grips. Serial number is FG160XX

It came in the old style wood grain "UNION MADE" box. The box is serial numbered to the pistol, but the label says 1970 series and the pistol is marked 80 series??? The box also says blue finish and this pistol is factory parkerized.

I am guessing this is a very early 80's series pistol, but I have no idea how many were made like this one. Anyone have any more info???



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I honestly believe someone is pulling your leg. I have never heard of Colt making a parkerized Series 80, especially a year into their production (going by the serial number). I also doubt Colt would use grips like that, with no Colt medallion.

The reason why it says Model 01970 is because that's been the factory SKU for the blued Government Model since the Series 70 came out. Even the Series 80's up until the Enhanced guns used that SKU.

However, it certainly won't hurt to ask others what they think. Try posting on the following forums to get more opinions:
Evil Brad.....
I've never seen a Series 80 factory Colt in this configuration. Could it be that this was a special makeup for the Colt distributor? Would Colt still have records that would show Purchase Order # 11574 ? Maybe a kind Colt customer service rep will help you out.
No question in my mind this gun is wrong. Matte finish and no logo grips are unheard of in the 70-80 line. Exept 91s and certain Officers models with the matte finish. No logo grips are replacements.
...what do you want for it?


I Like The Shade Too!
Three questions:

1. Are the flats of the slide polished?

2. Is the mainspring Housing metal or plastic?

3. Is the trigger metal or plastic?

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gyp_c , it's not for sale, I am just looking for some more info...

James P, All parts are metal..

I will try to contact Colt.. See if they have any records of P.O. 11574...

Let us know!

I fing it odd that someone would parkerize a new gun and change the grips like that.

Seems like everything else is exactly as it should be on that gun.
get rid of the pic of the box, it shows the serial number

Caspian frame + Colt parts = Col-spian? or Cas-olt?
BP 45, message and photo has been edited... Is there a market for the serial numbers on guns that people do not own??? What would someone do with it???

James P, I called Colt and they did not have much more information than I have now. The Customer service rep said for more detailed information I will need to contact Colt's historical section.

On the Gun Knife board "Farmer Bob" said he used to own one like I have... Here is a copy of his post...

"I also had one of the series 80 Parkerized Govt. Models that you described. Same box, finish color, etc. Sold at a gun show two years ago, but can remember some of the circumstances of its purchase. Bought new in early 1980s from ad in either Shotgun News or Gun List. Susposedly was a contract over run for foreign government and he had only 200 new ones for sale. All were new in box. Mine appeared to be smoothly and nicely finished before a dark parkerizing. "


So for now the mystery continues...

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