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Transporting handguns to IDPA Natls' pt2

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Since I will be driving I can help some folks out and bring their firearms along.
I will be leaving on Tuesday before the match, and I hold an ffl so taking shipments is no problem.

I could also suggest getting ahold of MISS and see if they will let you drop ship ammo.
If so we could make arrangements to do that.

Contact me off list [email protected]
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I spoke with Jim of M.I.S.S. about 2 weeks ago. He was reluctant to accept any shipment of ammo saying it could be easily lost, misplaced, etc. He suggested buying it from a local gunstore but did not volunteer any preferred stores.
One of my friends just returned from Montana and the Montana State IDPA championship. She said the checkin procedure for firearms had not changed at all. You have to stand in line for hours but once you get to the counter it's no different than before.
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