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Here is a Youtube video from Travis Haley performing a 1911 drill they're calling 9 Ball. Also, at the end of the video he performs a 300 yard shot with his 1911.

Once they're done with the drill you can jump to minute 9:04 when he gets on the line at 300 yards.

Maybe just my computer but the audio was some what hard to hear and the shots were very loud. Anyways, hope you enjoy if you haven't already seen it.


Here is the break down of the drill:

9 Ball Drill:
-10 yrds targets spaced out at least 2ft from each other.
-On the timer (no par) draw and shoot one to the head of the hostage target (Center)
-Transition to target 1 (left) and fire 1 rd
-Transition to target 2 (right) and fire 4
-Transition to target 1 again (left) and fire 3
-total 9 rounds.

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Nice video, good to see Travis and the Gang having fun...
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