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Just saw the new Springy with the triaction trigger.
A little wierd, definitely would take some getting used to, but I guess it's just one more way to seduce those who are uncomfortable carrying a C&L 1911.
The deal is
(and apparently this guy has been doing it as a custom mod for some years, especially to BHP, and now has an exclusive with Springfield)
you get an ambi safety that won't go into "safe" position.
Instead, you drop the hammer (yes, that's right, "Dropped and Locked") which puts holds the hammer away from the pin and automatically pops the safety up.
Then, you disengage the safety as usual, and a spring brings the hammer back into cocked position, ready to go.

The only thing I can figure is IF you have a retention strap on your holster, then it will retain the hammer "almost down", even if the safety gets accidentally stroked.
In other words, you can't disengage the safety if the hammer isn't free to cock back.

I must admit, the action was pretty smooth on the whole thing, but given my sceptic disposition it seemed like a good solution to a non-problem, and another couple of parts that might fail.

But what the hell do I know.
If you carry with a retention strap, and you like putting safeties on your safeties, it may be just the thing.
The with I saw was only $40 more than the without.

Pretty amazing what these guys are putting out for so little $$, no?