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What is the stock pull on a 70's series government model and what would be a good weight to drop it too?
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I cant give you a good answer on the stock pull weight for a Series 70, as I have not handled many, and most of those were not stock. If I was to guess I would say in the neighborhood of 6.0-6.5 lbs. Though I am sure one of our members with more experience with the Series 70 will provide you with a better answer.

Concerning what to change it too, that will depend on how you intend to use the pistol, and what the original pull is like. If the original pull is crisp, I would leave it alone and learn to shoot it. I feel a slightly heavy trigger that is crisp is better than a lighter pull that is creepy.

If you are not happy with the pull, and your shooting is suffering then a trigger job is in order. If you want a general target pistol, or plan on carrying this pistol for self-defense. I feel 4.0-4.5 lbs is the low end, with a crisp break. With the new parts that are available, a good smith can give you a lighter pull, but I do not think this is a good idea for carry. The reason is when I get stressed the tactile feel in my finger goes way down and I need the small amount of extra force to keep things where I want them. For a match pistol a lighter trigger pull in the 3.0-3.5 lb range will be nice. If you have more than one pistol, it will be a good idea to get all of the triggers adjusted so they are nearly the same. This way you will function reasonable the same with all of them, and you will reduce the risk of firing the pistol when you do not want to with a light pull, or flinching with a heavier pull.

I hope this helps.

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Good answers but I think it's a very personal question and it's really not about #s...It's about what "feels" best to YOU!
I would work with someone that will get that concept before any others...Don't try to tie it to any numbers...Measure it after you get it where it feels right...I like mine light and crisp for everything...Targets, carry, everything...

Another point the above post made...get it consistent as possible across the board for the pistols you shoot the most. While it won't be possible to get a 4lb double action pull...All your single-actions should be very similar as long as they are still SAFE!

That's the first and last thing to check everytime...Is it safe...?

Good Luck...Hope you find someone to work with that can help you...g2


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