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Who do ya'll like to use for triggers in our guns? I am assuming videcki is pretty good, thier name comes up pretty often... This plastic crap has gotta go! lol.
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Videcki is reportedly out of business. There may be some in stock here and there, but Mr. V. has retired from making triggers. My FLG likes McCormick although he preferred the plastic and stainless trigger to the current aluminum/stainless version. He says to avoid the titanium jobs, they cannot be readily reformed to fit the frame if there is any mismatch.
King's triggers are as good as Videki's. They even make an extra long for you large mitt monkeys

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Kings does make several very good replacment triggers for the 1911, comparable to those from Mr. V.

Large mitt monkey's, whoever that be, would do well to check them out.

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I concur, have been buying Kings for a couple of years now and they are as good as anything on the market, plus you have the option of different lengths and finishes.
OK, since nobody's mentioned it yet, I like King's triggers.
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Ed Brown makes triggers identical to the Videki.

As an aside, Ed Brown makes the best parts bar none, IMHO. Our local 1911 maestro (Tim Thompson of Wild West Guns) uses his parts (excpet for fire control parts which are C&S)). Tims work compares quite favorably to ANY pistolsmith out there. Ask Col Colt, he works with him.

Ill be posting a pic of my custom Defender soon
BTW, Ed Brown does not make triggers, he just bough 1000 of them. Videkis tooling is now in the hands of Casull Arms, and they will be producing triggers.
Just received Brownell's latest catalog a couple of days ago. They are still listing the Videcki trigger, so maybe Casull has them in production now. Anyone try to order one lately?-TR
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