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Tripp Cobra-Mag 10rd Over-insertion

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Hi All,

Just trying to get a list of people who have had problems with the Tripp Research 10rd Cobra Mag as far as over-insertion. Feel free to voice other problems you have had with the mags as well. If you can please, also say if you have contacted or tried to contact Virgil Tripp with regard to your problems and what the fix may have been if any.

Reason for the question is I'm a somewhat recent 1911 owner and am looking to get 10rdrs for action shooting. I'm planning on purchasing about 5 or more and would like some help deciding before purchase. So far I have pared the list down to just the CMC Power 10 or the Cobra 10. I really like the follower design of the Cobras but if there is an over-insertion problem with them, I would be just as happy to buy the CMC's at almost $10 less per mag.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.