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Trouble with GunKote

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i have been using GunKote for over 5 years without issue. it has proven to be a durable finish when applied according to instructions.

my stock ran low recently and i purchased some of what i believe to be a different formula. my older cans call for 30 minutes at 300 degrees. i have never had any color shift or hardness problems with that batch.

i would routinely paint both chrome moly and S.S. parts that had been sandblasted and cleaned properly.

the new formula calls for 60 minutes at 325 degrees. this new batch has me pulling my hair out trying to get consistency.

i prepped, painted, and baked 6 parts at the same time. absolutely no difference in procedure. i got 6 different colors!!!. i was using a dark grey. i got everything from olive green to camo green with 4 other colors in between. type of metal did not matter.

i dropped the temp 50 degrees and still got the greenish gray on several pieces. it was not until i changed from a gas powered oven to an electric oven that things started to settle down -- however i am still not satisified with the results. lowering the temp from 325 to 300 helped to stabilize the color but also reduced the hardness of the finish -- which is indicated in the instructions.

is there anyway to get consistency with this new formula of GunKote or does anyone have a recommendation for a different product that gives more consistent results? i am trying to release my own brand of 1911 and this is my 'demo' piece -- so it must be perfect.

any help would be appreciated. i have not yet contacted gunkote but will later today.
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Give Joe a call at KG Industries I'm sure that he would be more than happy to help solve the probelm with then color shifts. When you bring the parts out of the oven are you taking a rag and coating them with an oil alcohol mix while they are still warm? That was recomended to help with the burnished color. Are you relying on the thermostat for the correct oven temp. or are you checking it with a thermometer? Do not trust the oven temp settings.

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