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Two Fisted TRs...

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Ok... I joined the club today. Mark and the boys saw me coming at the gun show today. I think each of them said... Hey.. we have something at the end of the table with your name on it...

This sweet little Thunder Ranch Special has been sent off for a brand new coat of hard chrome. Looked like it had about 100 rounds through it. Of course... half of CENTEX IDPA walks up... and THEY start on me... There must have been 15 people tring to talk me into buying a second TR.


It just followed me home.... really it did.

Got about 250 round through it this afternoon. It was a bit tight when I started. Very definate click when I broke it open. Seems to have smoothed out some after the first session. Still need another 500 or so rounds through it before I feel it will be broken in.

All in all, I am pretty happy. I got it for just about $100 under the retail price for a blue TR. So, it was a decent deal. Not outstanding.. but not bad either. The main thing is.... I am one step closer to keeping up with my buddy Alan who had one of his TRs hard chromed several months ago.


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I picked that pretty thing up , held it for two seconds , then the voices start . "Take me home." "Your wife will understand."

I dropped it and ran .....
Glad to see it went to a good home .....

Bubba , I just sent a check to Shannon for my Panther , that is the only reason that TR was still there for you.....You will let me visit it won't you?.....(sniff)

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Hey, welcome to the blued/hard chrome TRS family, Bubba! Believe me, I understand how hard it is to walk away from the TRS Siren Song. I've heard the voices, and succumbed. Now the problem is which to carry--blued or HC? Having used the HC extensively at the Rangemaster course up in Dallas to break it in, it's a tough call.

The next question is...who will be the first to get the CQB olive/blued "Wilson" look on a TRS? Or just the olive coat? There's always the next rung on the ladder, eh?

Have a great time with it, I know you will!

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Paladin, it will be easy.... at least until Tuesday. The blue is out at MD Labs for Steve to do a little magic on it.
When it gets back.. the REAL problem starts.. Carry the ...Blue TR? HC TR? Or the MD Labs "Operator" Kimber? Decisions, decisions... lol

Don't know that I would ever go to a CQB color scheme on my TR. But... at some point.. I will probably get the MD Labs TefCoat2 done on it. IMHO, a much more durable finish than any of the other applied coatings. Very unique dark grey/black finish. (Yes... I HAVE actually seen the different versions as I am one of the very few people who have guns with both TefCoat1 and TefCoat2 as well as ArmorCoat and Black-T.

Yeah Dave... you can drool on it. You and Alan were just about the ONLY ones from CENTEX not there trying to talk me into buying it.


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