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Two new Colts and a Kimber

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After a rash of gun trading over the last couple of months, I ended up with a new Kimber Gold Combat and two new Colts. The Colts are a Gold Cup and a Combat Commander XSE.

The first one obtained was the Kimber. After gathering oohhs and aahhs from my buddies, I began banging away with the first magazine. Wow. Easy hits to the head of the metal target. Not so cool were the three FTF. The gun had at least 10 FTF in the next 50 rounds. After 300 rounds, the gun has one FTF with every full stock magazine, but is reliable with ball ammo with a Shooting Star mag. The FTF with the stock mag is usually the final round. Huh. Nice gun, but haven't tried it yet with hollowpoints. Probably should run more ball ammo first so I won't be too disappointed.

That brings us to the new Colts. Shot them today and notably different than the Kimber. Both shot to stock point of aim with ball ammo and there were no malfunctions. Was the frame to slide fit looser than the Kimber? Yes, but just a bit. The result? They functioned.

I have always been a Colt fan and today the guns bore that out. More money for a few less features, but no trips to a gunsmith or shipping to the factory for a fix. Money well spent.
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thanks for the info on your new guns.

i keep telling people that colt is still a good weapon, second to none.

i personally think that some of the gun co's are trying to sell "tighter is better" and to a point that is true, where as people say "why hasn't colt got the same tightness"

well, i'll refer them to your post, and the comments that i have heard over and over.

taking a combat weapon and trying to make it as tight as a competition gun is kind of like inbreeding your guns, the kids are gonna act funny!!!!!!!

russel the cop

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Claybob, I think you may be on to something there.
they say the tighter guns need to be broken in alot longer.as for me ill take a colt anyday.
I've had my new XSE Govt. Model out just once since I bought it. Ran 110 rounds through it without a single malfunction, and it is almost as accurate out of the box as my 70 Series Commander which has $800 worth of custom gunsmithing. I plan to replace the XSE sights (Trijicons), trigger (Videcki short), and sear (EGW), re-crown the barrel, and stick 'er in my holster. A beautiful and reliable hard-hitting handgun. Best Wishes, ACP.
I have owned a Kimber, I have a Wilson ordered, but I sure can't complain about my Colt. She has been very good to me.
Originally posted by scooper:
they say the tighter guns need to be broken in alot longer.as for me ill take a colt anyday.
If the gun is too tight, you'll need to shoot it to break it in. Of note, that break in basically loosen's the gun up enough to work reliably.
you want the gun reasonably tight, but just as important is that the slide runs smoothly.
Kimber guns occasionlly are a little too tight, and need breaking in. Les Baer guns are so tight they require 100's of rounds of break in.
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