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Ahhh, the joys, effectiveness, AND versitility (with various loads) of 45 acp...Nice to see a "pro" sticking up for it these days...(When Bill changed his carry to 9mm it was one of the saddest days of my life ;))...And Mas' say's 9mm is "a little light". Dosn't he know that is not PC these days - LOL!

He has good choice of course...

I'd pick:

1-SG - I have a 870-pump of course.
2-AR 223/556 - just a Bushmaster Carbon 15 (very light) but kicked up 2 notches with an aimpoint and a drop in Wilson TTU 3-gun trigger, turning this AR into a very effective SD tool.
3-308, but in M1A rather than AR.
4-1911, I love my WC carry comp elite in 45.
5-But I also love my 2 PPQs one in 45 the other in 9mm. These guns shoot on par with any 45 I own (at least in the 25y pit). Excellent polly trigers and the Walther signature grip dynamics is what does it.

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I'll play with what I have in my safe:

1. WC Experior Commander for work/carry.
2. Atlas Gunworks NYX for IDPA/USPSA Limited minor.
3. Alamo Precision 6.5 CM for hunting/PRS.
4. LANTAC Raven 5.56 with Vortex Razor 1x6 for carbine matches and home defense.
5. Beretta Silver Pigeon 12 gauge for clays/hunting.

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Small carry pistol
AR 5.56 carbine
Shotgun, detach. box mag.,20 ga.
9mm pistol, service-size, striker-fire
So I guess most experienced gun owners along with Ayoob sort of gravitate to similar core requirements in the theoretical situation of picking five.

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Always an interesting game.
Would not give up my G43 wTLR6, so that's one
I built a 5.9# AR carbine a couple of years ago, so that is two.
My choice to back up the G43 would be my G19 with red dot and light.
Four is waiting on a donor gun, a M70 featherweight to be turned into a .308 Scout Rifle, till then my 1903-A2 that I build into a sporter for my dad in the 70's.
Last would be my dad's Ruger Flat Top .357 that was mom's first anniversary present to him.

Sadly, neither of my 1911s made the list, although I "like" them more than the Glocks.

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I watched Ayoob's video and my five out of my safe:

12 or 20 gauge auto, my 20 gauge auto holds 7 rounds and has a 24 inch barrel. My Benelli Ultralight only holds 3
1911 Govt. sized
5 shot Taurus 357 snubby loaded with 38s wadcutters
6.5 Grendel AR 15
1911 back up commander or my 22/45 bull barreled target pistol
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