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Two Tone SS Custom Classic

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My friend got another Kimber this weekend (his 5 or 6th) and it looks different than any other. The box is marked SS Custom Target and the s/n match but the pistol is two tone. The slide, frame and barrel is SS but ALL other visible steel parts from grip screws to barrel bushing is blued. Anybody else seen such Kimber?
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I traded one of those in April. If it is the same pistol as the one I had it should have the letters LE after the Custom Target on the slide. It was a limited edition of 750 pieces. They also made a Custom Classic LE that was the same gun but with fixed sights. My father still has his Custom Target LE. The info about 750 pieces came from Kimber because I too was curious so I called them. Novak's web site did have a picture of one that they tweaked. I was talking to Joe Bonar at Novak's and the LE Kimber came up in our discussion. He said that he just put some pictures on their website. Stop by their site and see if is still there. Hope this helped.
I have one that I bought new about 2 years
ago. The inscription on the right side of
the slide will read:
'Classic Stainless Target LE'
It has performed just fine with no malfunc-
tions from day one.
Thanks guys. We checked again tonight and there was the "LE".

He shot about 200 rounds the day after getting it. Everthing went well and there were no failure of any kind. Then this evening we went and shot it some more. Guess what... the rear sight blade flew off after about 20 shots.

Another Kimber POS adjustable rear sight. He ordered a Bomar adjustable sight this evening.
Reviving a dead old thread here ... already posted this in another thread, but I just bought my first kimber, also my first 1911, today, and it's a straight stainless model, apparently.


It is stamped "Stainless Classic LE." It has black finish on mag release, safeties, slide release, and barrel bushing. The numbers match between slide, box, and frame. (Are the serial numbers hand-scribed on the slides for all Kimbers?) It has the standard fixed sights.

I'm wondering if I got an even better deal than I thought I was getting, now ... is this a special model? I've only found one reference anywhere else on the web to a gun that looks like this ...
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