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TZZ Match 45 brass

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I recently bought some of this but haven't loaded any yet. I understand that it is the same as IMI, which has served me well. What are your thoughts?
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I know it's Israeli and I think it's IMI. Mines not match, but I have 15-20K of TZZ left in my stash. Been shooting it since '85. I generally lose cases before they wear out. The batch I'm on now, looks like crap: ejector marks, dings, dents and concrete scrapes, but still functions flawlessly. I fired 500 rounds yesterday and had one magazine related FTF (gotta get new springs). I don't think you'll be disappointed.

HOUSTON1944 will want to comment on this one!

I'll wait and not spoil his fun.
TZZ Brass - CCV asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to split an order with him of 1000 - onced fired brass. He had found a company selling "mostly Federal" onced fired '45. Since I was low on brass I agreed. A few days later he told me that when placing the order they offered him TZZ Match Brass at the same price of the Federal. He could not resist "Match" brass at the same price so he accepted the offer.
We now own a 1000 rounds of TZZ brass with crimped primer pockets! We have both spent more than the brass is worth in an attempt to find an "easy" method of removing the crimp from the primer pocket, not to mention the labor that is involved.
He also knows that I will never let him live this down.
We now own a 1000 rounds of TZZ brass with crimped primer pockets!
Well, if that don't burn the monkeys a$$. All my TZZ was, um, ah, aquired from military ranges and the pockets aren't crimped. Easiest way to remove the crimp is with a Dillon Super Swage. I use it for 5.56 brass. Not worth the $ if you don't use it fairly regularly, though. Hey, you could send me the brass!

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I use the RCBS primer pocket swage. At less than $20 it works great and is affordable.
Houston, we have a problem. I am in the same boat with you. I just cleaned up the brass this weekend and started to load some this afternoon. It looks like about 2/3's of this stuff has crimped primer pockets. I sent Southern Belle a nice little E-mail about not advertising the fact that the primer pockets have the crimp. I was nice about it, but I don't have any experience with them. I trust that they will make it right. I plan on calling them tomorrow.
I have accumulated a grundle of TZZ brass, most of it from, again, military sources, and the only problem I ever found was that the '89 series had not crimped, but very sharp-edged primer pockets that drive my Dillons crazy. None of the match brass I've seen was crimped, but I don't have a lot of it. I finally had to sit down and hand sort all the 89's and swage the pockets, and now everything is fine.

If anybody will work with you, Miss Vicki will. Good luck.
I swage them now, but will ream them with a RCBS tool, then give them a bevel with a chamfer tool if I only have a few.

Reaming with a chamfer tool is more trouble, but works on the occasional crimped case.

I definitely avoid buying crimped cases unless they're prepped.
Our objective was to purchase some low cost brass, throw in the Dillon and crank out some 45 rounds to take to the range and have fun. Like most reloaders I avoid military brass just so I don't have to mess with crimped primers. Neither of us have much in the way of swaging equipment. Once we received the brass I looked at buying a Dillon swager but it was too much money just to salvage 1000 rounds of brass. I purchased a set of primer tools for $30 to fit my cordless drill but that did not work out. I have now purchased a RCBS Swaging tool for about $25 and that appears to be the best method. I now have invested $80 just to obtain 500 rounds of onced fired brass!! Since I have invested in the swaging equipment I am going to buy the other 500 from CCV.
We have had a lot of fun with this even though we have spent more on the brass than it is worth. If he will give me his new Rock River I will forgive him and we can remain friends.
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I needed some brass quick, so I bought some assorted cases down at my favorite gun store. I got a fair number of TZZ, FC 98, and S & B cases among the Winchester and R-P stuff.

The TZZ were crimped; I had to ream them. The FC 98 cases were also crimped. Back to the reamer. What is that headstamp, anyway? Federal Cartridge 1998? Frigging Crimp 1998?

The Seller and Bellot cases weren't crimped, but these cases had no chamfer on the primer pocket. We're talking absolutely square shoulder here. They must have precision priming equipment over there.

I'll soon have a large supply of Winchester brass cases, and I can start loading without the hassle.

If God didn't want us to own guns, why did He make the 1911?
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Follow-up report.... I talked with Vicki today. She was very nice. We discussed a number of options. I finally settled on keeping the TZZ and ordered the RCBS swager from Midsouth. She is sending me "some" once fired Federal to make up for what the shipping would be to send brass back and forth in the mail. It looks like a win-win situation as long as I get a little more than a handfull of the Federal.

I still think that they need to advertise the TZZ as having crimped primers. All in all, pretty good service.
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