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Ultra CDP II-Grip Opinions

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I am considering a different grip option for my Ultra CDP. Going to decide this week. Really like VZ configurations. But just can't visualize their products on a two-tone frame. Any ideas and especially a picture would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.....Steve
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Tampasteve said:
Nice H-grips, I checked their web site and do not see a Officers grip w/ambi cut.,and the cutout for the mag release. What model # do you have. Web site shows model 43000. Please see if you have the same or different . Will probably get a set to try, not that expensive....Thanks again
Thats what it looks like to me too. The 43000, and I found it really cheap here: http://www.wholesalehunter.net/mfgs/Hogue_2.html I have the Ultra CDP and may pick up a set for myself. They are only $16.
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