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Ultra for ccw

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I have a Custom CDP and PRO Carry HD and am very happy with them. I like Pro carry size but the Ultra would be easy to conceal,and lighter. I would like your suggestion?
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Okay, so you have guns and think the Ultra would be easy to conceal. You would like a suggestion for what?
Double Naught...

I think he is looking for people who have carried both Pro and Ultra and can offer pro's and con's for both???

He currently carries the Pro and is thinking about the Ultra for the two reasons he stated (smaller and lighter)... but needs others to provide suggestions in addtion to this.

At least that's what I read out of it...

Sorry, Shootingfarm, I can't make any suggestions but I can 'cipher your message for others...haha...
Originally posted by shootingfarm:
...the Ultra would be easy to conceal,and lighter.
The first 1911 I carried was a Kimber Compact Aluminum Stainless but I ended up switching to a full size steel gun shortly thereafter. IMO the only benefit of the Compact Aluminum Stainless is the shorter butt, and as far as I'm concerned that's negligible. My method of carry makes the barrel length a non-issue and I never cared about the extra weight of an all steel gun. The right holster will help you carry and conceal ANY gun no matter the size or weight. My suggestion, carry the largest gun you can conceal and (most importantly) shoot well.

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I have all three sizes of KIMBERS. I find them all easy to carry CCW. MY COVERT is my favorite. It's mid-size.
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