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Uncle Mikes Kydex Holsters

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These seem pretty cost effective. Anyone have experience with this new line of holsters? Pros-cons?
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Hey MP5! Yes, I use the belt style as opposed to the paddle type. I shoot the local Steel and USPSA matches with it. I wear a nylon "outer belt" with Safarilands
#771 mag holders. MP5, these matches are some of the most heavily attented regularly scheduled practical pistol matches going. I
see alot of gear!! The $20.00 Uncle Mike's belt holster is very well represented. Why? it works and it's darn cheap. It is the last competition holster(or carry holster for that matter)I'll own? Nope, not by a long shot. But it's going to be a long time before I find a value in equipment like this again.

Cons?? Yep, it's coyote
UGLY ....
it's performance however is beautiful.

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I have one for the 1911(of course) it is also a belt slide. I used for my first IPSC shoot on 07/15 I am very happy w/ it. It will be seeing alot more action in the future.

Its hard to go wrong w/ one of these holsters.

Good luck
I can't say I have one for my 1911, but I do have one for my Beretta 92FS. It's the paddle style and it works real well. The barbs on the paddle hold it on my pants so well I have to unzip them completely to get the thing off. I did find that the retention screws would come loose if I didn't use Loc-Tite. For the price, you might as well try one and evaluate for yourself. Besides, I think you'll be happy with it.
So ontarget,
Do you think the size UM you've got for your 92barretta would also fit the BHP or a CZ75?

And where's the best place to pick one up quick!?
Did you say these are IWB ???

For the price...Man...



Anyone who isn't a paranoid schizophrenic now-a-days, just isn't thinking clearly!
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I love it. Used for mainly IDPA and IPSC with my limited gun. Kydex has been so horrendously overpriced, it's nice to see a quality product everyone can afford.

I have one for sale in brand new condition with dual mag pouch. I used it once at my first idpa, but decided to start shooing ipsc after and got a speed holster. Email me if you're interested. I'll send you a pic too.
I bought the Uncle Mike's paddle to store my Para P14, ready for quick-on if I ever need it. Using the adjustment screws, it adjusted to the P14 perfectly. Really holds on to the waistband, and retains the gun perfectly. Holds it tight to the body. Looks great. I first tried the Fobus, but it didn't fit.
okay, so everyone likes the mike's holsters....how about the fobus holsters? same quality? same retention? i'd like to know the diff if there is one. thanks.
I have an uncle mike paddle for my 1911, it is an alright holster. I also have a fobus paddle for my kimber compact. I would pick the fobus over the uncle mikes.
Fobus puts the gun a lot closer to the body for retention. It is not a complete holster, in my opinion. The Gvt. slide sticks out about an inch. It is a very quick rig, though, for slap-on purposes. I have one, and will only keep one. Fobus are made from cheap PVC.

Uncle Mike's belt holster is a fantastic buy at $17 or so. It is not a concealment hoslter. The holster pulls the grip away from the body. The quality of Kydex is very nice and thick. It is great for open carry, and range draws. I like the paddle version, also, but it still does not pull the gun to the body as closely as the Fobus. I think they are worth buying to fool around, but for true concealment and retention of a 1911, I recommend an Avenger style loop and slot design.
I thought that Blade-tech was now making a cheaper plastic holster. I went to their site, but couldn't find one. Anyone with info on where they are available on the web?

Blade-Tech is making an "entry level" holster as they call it. They only make it for Glocks and 1911s. I know it is in their new print catalog, so it isprobably in the catalog, you can download off of their site.
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