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Unknown Pistol Part - HELP!

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I was cleaning some pistols and afterward this part was found on my gun mat. What part is it and where is it located in the pistol?
Gas Wood Circle Nickel Rectangle
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The odd thing about not detecting it after reassembly was that the pin stayed in place after racking the slide several times. The gun is brand new. Putting it back together was a pain because the pin/spring would not easily slide in and then trying to slide the stop in was tough to juggle. Like trying to put a square peg in a circle. 😂. Thanks again all for holding my hand teehee
That is how I fit my firing pin stops. So I have to use a tool to install and remove,I don't like them loose enough to slide in and out with gravity, if they do I would fit a small radius stop from EGW and hand fit it.
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