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unsanctioned matches

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Anyone here who shoots in matches that are not sanctioned by IDPA or USPSA?.What strategy or approach do you use for them?,shoot them like the sport you participate in or go along with the "game" and shoot it in the way they are trying to do it.We use IPSC targets with 10 points awarded for a A zone hit.The guys that dominate are the ones who shoot at a moderatly fast speed and get a lot of A's.They only count misses as 10 pts off so if you do miss all they do is slow a little on the next target,pick up another A and make it up.B's and C's count as 5pts and D's as 2.I use the same style as I do for USPSA matches in that I shoot as fast as I can get A,C hits.I usually end up finishing 3rd or 4th.How do some of you all shoot your local match?,as practice for your "real" match or in it's spirit?.
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I'll do whatever their rules will let me get away with, as almost nothing realistic except general gun handling skills are ever covered in IPSC, IDPA, or these unsantioned matches.

In the end, it's whatever will make you feel better. I know of one guy who is DQ'ed out of many stages because he refuses to carry more than one spare magazine. However, if he's happy, then I'm happy.
I shoot an informal match that uses elements of both IDPA and IPSC, but without a dogmatic approach. For instance, the stage description might read, "engage T1-T3 with two shots from box A, then engage T4-T7 with two shots each while moving, then engage T8 with six shots from box B". No "onlys", no equipment rules, just, "here's the COF, now shoot it". On "IDPA night" we do tactical reloads, use cover, engage targets in "threat order", and express the score as time; but still no equipment rules. On "open night" it's more run 'n' gun, with the score expressed in hit-factor. Misses are just the five points you didn't get becaue you missed. We put swinging no-shoots in front of target arrays, and count any shoot-throughs as hits. We do "stake shoots" with squads vying to be first to saw a 4x4 in half. Everyone has a good, safe time. Some people don't take to the seriousness of formal competition, but they like to get out and improve their gunhandling and hang-out with other shooters. I try to work on my technique, not rushing, concentrating on fundamentals. It helps my scores in the formal matches.
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I shoot at a club wih unsanctioned matches once in a while.The scoring is the same as idpa but the stage designs are like an extreme version of IPSC stages.Also at least one stage is a replica of a Steel challenge stage ie:flying W,outer limits etc.

Frequently there is a rifle or shotgun stage thrown in on top of the 5 "normal" stages.I like it alot,too bad the club is 3 hours away.

yes I follow their "game".
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