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Up to speed

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I've owned several Hi Powers over the years, but I admit it's been a while since I've had one. Last week my dealer told me that he was getting "a Belgium" Hi Power from RSR and I told him I'd be interested in looking at it. I ended up trading for it, but I'm not real sure what I've got. It came in a nice black plastic case with gold "FN Herstal" marked on the cover. The end sticker is a Browning sticker with my guns serial number on it and all the Browning info, with "made in Belgium, assembled in Portugal" on the last line of the label.

My gun appears to be just a simple matte black 9mm w/plastic thumbrest stocks and 3 bar sights, spur hammer (appears like the last MK III Portugal/Belgium) I owned last.

The slide inscription is moved forward toward the muzzle and not in the middle of the slide. It says:

FN Herstal
Made in Belgium

directly below this on the frame it says:

Imported by FNMI
Columbia, SC. USA

On the right side of the slide, again towards the muzzle it is marked:

HP-SAs Cal 9X19

Can someone please bring me up to speed on these current Hi Powers. I figured it was current FN military production, but the Browining label on the end of the box kind of threw me. It says nothing about being assembled in Portugal on the gun. 511 prefix serial number, but after reading a few posts I understand that this means nothing. Thanks for any help.
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From your description, I'd say it's the current FN commercial production - exactly like the 6 I saw at a gun show a couple of months ago. The owner, a gunsmith, said that he ordered them from the Browning Custom Shop. FN and Browning are both owned by the Walloon(southern Belgium) regional government.

All I know about serial numbers is that my new Browning MkIII is 511MZ..., with MZ being the code for 2001.

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