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My update and end result.

here's my original thread :

I got the gun back yesterday and the paper work said that they replaced the mainspring housing and adjusted the extractor. They fired 50 rounds without an issue and included the box top from the Blazer Brass 115gr.

I took the gun to the range today, just the way it was from them, didn't even clean it first, just went out and shot 200 rounds of 115gr and it ran GREAT! No problem!

If the mainspring housing was out of spec. could that cause the spring to bind and result in the problem I had? Just wondering why it got replaced, I wish they gave an explanation.

At any rate it seems to function now, as I said before this is my first Sig and I really do like the gun, it has a total of 450 rounds through it, with the last 250 trouble free, another 200 good ones and some hollow points and I will add it to the carry rotation.

Thanks for the replies and maybe this will help someone else
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