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Hello all..
I didn't know this site was up and running.. It was down a week ago.. Sorry for my "late" update... Anyhoo, here's what happened..
As I mentioned on my previous posting, I bought a used P-13 with very rough bore.. Since I didn't know if the barrel was defact or simply abused by the previous owner, I asked around in this forum.. Then a gentleman named George Wedge, Manager of Quality at Para-Ordnance, contacted me via email, asked me some questions.. Then I received an email from their customer service with return authorize number.. So I shipped my pistol to the warranty station as instructed "for inspection".. That the Friday, June 15th, when I shipped it via UPS NextDay Air.. And following Wednesday, June 20th, a UPS guy was knocking on my door.. It was my P-13 back from the warranty station!! "Wow, that was quick", I thought.. Then I found that they not only did replace the barrel with a new one, but also installed new recoil spring and magazine spring.. All at zero cost, done within three business days!!!! Can't you see I am a happy camper??????
Boy, Para-Ordnance has the best customer service I've ever experienced!! I am glad that I have a Para-Ordnance product!! Awesome~~!!! ^^
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