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Ups and Downs Part II

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Regarding my previous post about a 1991A1 I was considering purchasing from a friend, we met today at the range and gave it a good workout. The matte-black finish is near perfect, looks like a new gun and would probably fool an inexperienced eye. No rust, pitting or blemishes on the external surface or internals. Fit is as good as it is supposed to be, not as tight as my Kimber but that’s normal . Reliability was perfect, no problems at all and according to the friend, there never were any. At the indoor range, accuracy was excellent. Any holes in the target that weren’t where I wanted them were my fault, not the gun’s. I’m not wild about the extra firing pin safety and the little extra time it takes to field strip the gun but I’ll get used to it and, I will not disable it. Feed ramp isn’t polished and the barrel isn’t throated as in my Kimber but the gun doesn’t seem to mind. So, if you subtract the value of the extra Chip McCormick mag and the ammo he included in the deal, I got a nearly new 1991A1 for $300.00. My first Colt btw.

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Screamin' good deal!

Rust never sleeps
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If it's an M1991A1 the barrel and feed ramp should be set up just fine for JHPs. Colt just applies the finish right over the polished surfaces. And if it's a fairly recent gun the feed ramnp will be contoured somewhat differently than on other guns like the Kimber.

D. Kamm
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I hear ya!!!! Congrats.
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