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Ups and Downs?

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I've read off and on that Colt had it's good and bad periods which is true for any company with any degree of longevity. I'll be looking at that three year old Colt next week and wondered if it fell into the "period of lesser quality" if that period existed at all. I'm guessing the gun was manufactured in 1997. Is there a time period to be watchful of Colt quality in the 1991A1? I'm not a 1911 rookie but I am new to the Colt scene.


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The Colt 1991a1 has enjoyed a giid reputation since its introduction. I dont know of any time frame that should be watched for as being less than acceptable. Basically Colt got back in the 1911 business with its introduction of the 1991a1 and as far as I'm concerned they are still in it and doing it right.

I dont think you have anything to worry about with a Colt 1991a1 mfg'd in 1997.
Colt was bought out by the current owner ~95-96 IIRC I think he's done a decent job, taking the company out of bankruptcy and coming out with improved models. The 1991's have been pretty consistant, overall good quality. The newer one's are maybe a little tighter, and have stainless barrels.
I recently (5 months ago) purchased a new 1991a1 and I've been tickled to death with it. I now have three friends at work shooting 1911's (only 1 colt) but its a start! I would recommend that gun to anybody who is looking for a govt. model!
Originally posted by JRJ:
I recently (5 months ago) purchased a new 1991a1 and I've been tickled to death with it.
Tickled to death?
Great, yet another gun related death, just wait until The Brady's hear about this, no ticklish person will be allowed to have a gun..
There's a lot of rumors floating around concerning variable quality with Colt firearms and it's almost impossible to weed truth from fact. It's not like Consumer Reports does a gun issue every year and, as I'm sure everyone has noticed, gun magazines always like every gun they test. I won't be able to see the gun till this weekend or early next week but I expect it'll be well worth the asking price. I figured it was better to ask the experts before I became the owner. Assuming I buy the gun, I'll post a range report. Thanks to all for the info.

If the price is close ($100 or less in my book) buy a new, current production 1991A1 instead of the three year old. The older guns work fine, and there is nothing really wrong with them - I have one from the middle 90's - but the current Colt 1911s may well be the best ever made, with modern CNC machining, modern steel and really nice barrel/slide fit. All current 1991A1s are fitted with a nice stainless barrel, and we are getting really good accuracy reports (2" or better at 25yds) from new Colt customers.

And they are fitted up like the preWWI guns - snug barrel/slide fit with slight, deliberate slide to frame play for excellent reliability. This is a good time to buy Colt!

Warmly, Col. Colt

"Beware of Counterfeits and Patent Infringements"
When I subtract the cost of the ammo and spare mag included with the deal, the gun itself will cost about $300.00 where a new 1991A1 in this area is $539.00. I already have a nice tight 1911 in my Kimber Custom but this Colt deal is a pretty good one so.....

Originally posted by Col. Colt:
If the price is close ($100 or less in my book) buy a new, current production 1991A1 instead of the three year old.
I have a '98 M1991A1, and it is a good gun. I bought it as a builder, so didn't even fire it in stock form, but inspection revealed a tight barrel lock-up at both ends, and a G.I.-style slide-to-frame fit (since it is essentially a G.I. gun, what else would someone espect?). The exterior of the gun is very crisp, with only a little rounding of the round-flat transition in one place on the frame. As others have stated, any company can make a lemon or go through a rough period (and Colt has gone through more than their share), but I have had nothing but good Colts, and good service from Colt.
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