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UPS or FedEx for shipping handguns.

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Ok...forgetting about UPS's crappy policy on handguns, and forgetting about any possible ways around the regulations.

If I ship a handgun the right way (following the carrier's policies), what is better in terms of ease and price...UPS or FedEx?
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I think UPS is cheaper but where I live FEDEX is more convienient.I have to drive 20 miles to ship UPS
FedEx is a lot easier in terms of customer service, IMHO. UPS requires that you go to a real UPS service center, not just a UPS authorized shipping place like a pack & mail. FEDEx doesn't care. You can zip on down to the pack & post in the corner shopping center.

Byron Simpson
Hello. A well-known gunsmith advised me that Fed Ex tracks property within its system better than UPS.

JMO, FedEx. I don't know if this is a national problem or what but around here, UPS 'loses' quite a few things and I'm pretty sure they drive over their packages before delivery.

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Originally posted by steelerfan:
....and I'm pretty sure they drive over their packages before delivery.

I totally agree with that. Fedex parcels shipped to me have always been in good shape (a box is a box, not a ball.) I can't count on that on UPS.
Several years ago UPS actually did me a favor by "losing" a Berreta .32 Tomcat that my dealer sent back because it wouldn't shoot. However, it was hell getting them to pay for it. They wanted more paperwork etc. than you can imagine, even though it was insured. Still took months to get a settlement from them.
A few months ago a guy on AR15.com posted that he received a visit from the local PD because UPS reported delivering several "hazardous materials" packages to his home (primers and powder). FedEx gets all my business.

My recent experience was somewhat different from most of the posters here. I first emailed FedEx and UPS asking about what I needed to do to ship a handgun to the manufacturer. FexEx took four or five days to respond and did not answer all of my questions. UPS's reply came within a few hours with answers to all of my questions. Based upon this I chose UPS. I'll add that I'm lucky enough to live within twenty minutes of a UPS shipping center.

The ladies at the shipping center were extremely helpful and did not bat an eye when I told them the package contained a handgun. I tracked the package on the web and was very pleased with how it was done. Each stop on it's trip was documented as to arrival and leaving. It arrived on schedule, and to the best of my knowledge intact as I have heard nothing from the manufacturer. I am very happy with the service I received from UPS.

What I am not all that happy about is the price I had to pay. Thirty five dollars for a package I could have shipped by Express Mail for less than twenty five dollars. I'm seriously considering writing the NRA and my congress people to try and change the law forbidding the general public from using the postal service to ship handguns back to the manufacturers. Ten dollars may not seem like a lot to most people but I have some Scot blood in me. :)

Happy holidays! Gary
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Having all three UPS, Fedex, and Postal Service all lose stuff. Be sure to follow these three rules for shipping

1. Insure for full retail and all related costs and track
2. Insure for full retail and all related costs and track
3. Insure for full retail and all related costs and track

Do not mean to be redundant buy all have a bad day. I have had my best luck with UPS for guns. Second best for non-gun is Postal and the Most expensive loss was a "Richard Heinie" 50th birthday present for me that took 12 weeks to settle with Fedex. Fedex for guns was a nightmare but after the loss, service "significantly" improved.

I hope this helps.
I work for FedEx. It cost me $9 to ship a gun. There is also a company policy against thowing a package, so we just toss, pitch, sling, etc. to get around that. Be aware, FedEx is not a gun friendly worplace. There is a no weapond policy, though blades under three inches are allowed.
Does FedEx have the same "over night" only policy as UPS?
BiG_MaN said:
Does FedEx have the same "over night" only policy as UPS?
Dear BiG_MaN, I think so. The email they sent me said that all firearms must be shipped by "Priority One". I went to the website and the only thing called priority that I could find was "Priority Overnight". As an added note I've had two instances of FedEx leaving packages in the rain without the plastic bags (which UPS uses) to protect them. One of them was just a few days ago. I guess you pays your money and takes your chances. :) Happy holidays! Gary
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