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USMS - any deputies here?

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I'm just curious if any USMS Deputies on this board? I'm just curious as to the job, etc. I'm not too old (yet) and I'm thinking about a career change, and LE is something I've always been interested in.

(It's just that feeling of starting over again, etc.)

I've always been interested in Federal vs Local LE, but I'd probably like either one. But since I'm not tied down (excuse me, married), I'm thinking of applying - the exception would be the FBI - since I'd never meet the initial bar.

Any stories/comments/suggestions?

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I don't mean to be sticking my nose in, but have you also considered some sort of fish and game/parks and wildlife law enforcement? I'm probably biased, but if I were going to start a law enforcement career - I'm not; I really am too old - I think I'd like one that also involved the great outdoors.

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jpwright, actually, funny you brought that up. Believe me, I like the outdoors more than I like the indoors (most of the time.)

A few (try five) years ago, I had at one point talked to a few guys in the EPA - their LE branch. It sounded interesting at first, but the more I found out about it, the more I stopped liking the idea.

Around late '99, I looked into the US Border Patrol. I actually was set to take the test down at the Fed building in Seattle. By the time the test exam appt came up, I had forgotten about it - and I had some serious family matters to take care of - so I called and cancelled my exam appt for the time being. (The pay wasn't great either - so that was part of it.)

But, if I'm going to be in LE, then I'd rather be *IN* LE.
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