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USP 45 or ???

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I have been thinking I need to get a pistol I can beat up a little bit. My 1911 is kind of too nice. I would primarily bring it along when hiking or camping, for home defense and of course it would get a workout at the range.

Primarily I want a pistol that is reliable and easy to maintain. I have been thinking full size, and I would like to stick with .45 cal. A decent trigger is important. The more magazine capacity the better. Price is not a big deal but I don't want to get too carried away.

I have been leaning towards a HK USP 45. It seems to be my best bet so far.

I'm not a big fan of the Glock trigger. The Sig 220 is a contender, but it doesn't hold quite as much ammo as the HK.

Is there something else I should consider? I would appreciate any input.
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I have both the 1911 and HKs USPf in 45. If you want a rugged gun its the HK or the glock. I don't care for the glock but the fact is it can take a lickin. Go with the HK as I have never had any problems with it. I don't understand the magazine problems. I can always get the 10 rounds into it. And as for the mags breaking as E.A. states, I don't know what he does to break 12 magazines. I have only five and they all work 100%.
I don't baby this gun but I also don't abuse it either. Good luck with your choice whatever it will be....TJ
I drop my empty mags on concrete floors and on hard dirt, guess i've been lucky as I had no problems. I can see the weak tab area that may be a problem. I normaly do tact. mag changes now. I'll look for spare parts just in case.
Originally posted by Bobby:
go to the gunsmith page, a very interesting post by Larry Vikers about a test on the HK, 1911, and Glock.
Bobby! I can't find the page you speak of.
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