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USP 45 or ???

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I have been thinking I need to get a pistol I can beat up a little bit. My 1911 is kind of too nice. I would primarily bring it along when hiking or camping, for home defense and of course it would get a workout at the range.

Primarily I want a pistol that is reliable and easy to maintain. I have been thinking full size, and I would like to stick with .45 cal. A decent trigger is important. The more magazine capacity the better. Price is not a big deal but I don't want to get too carried away.

I have been leaning towards a HK USP 45. It seems to be my best bet so far.

I'm not a big fan of the Glock trigger. The Sig 220 is a contender, but it doesn't hold quite as much ammo as the HK.

Is there something else I should consider? I would appreciate any input.
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I had a USP .40 and I didn't like it, I can't really say why, it just didn't work very well???? Not my thing I guess. I also had a P16, had to replace the whole damn gun it seemed like, they just don't hold up to lots of use.
In the original post you said that you wanted a beater gun to use as a defensive pistol???? I would think that the last thing you want to do to your carry pistol is beat it up....always want that baby in tip top shape...
Don't you?
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