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USP 45 or ???

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I have been thinking I need to get a pistol I can beat up a little bit. My 1911 is kind of too nice. I would primarily bring it along when hiking or camping, for home defense and of course it would get a workout at the range.

Primarily I want a pistol that is reliable and easy to maintain. I have been thinking full size, and I would like to stick with .45 cal. A decent trigger is important. The more magazine capacity the better. Price is not a big deal but I don't want to get too carried away.

I have been leaning towards a HK USP 45. It seems to be my best bet so far.

I'm not a big fan of the Glock trigger. The Sig 220 is a contender, but it doesn't hold quite as much ammo as the HK.

Is there something else I should consider? I would appreciate any input.
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Hey Everyone,
Thanks for all of your input. I didn't expect to see quite so many responses.

In the last year I have been primarily shooting a Kimber Gold Combat and a Ruger 22/45. I have to admit the 1911 has really made me picky, as far as the trigger and ergonomics go. This has really made my decision a lot harder and I may just end up with another 1911.

I know it is stupid but I guess I'm just more comfortable putting scratches in a plasticky gun than my kimber, it's kind of my baby. Not that I would abuse whatever I get, it is something you trust your life to after all.

ParaOrd stuff is really nice, but I don't actually like the idea of DAO.

I have been thinking the DA / SA trigger would be tolerable on the HK because I like the idea of being able have a round in the camber and decocked. But I have yet to shoot one, so I'm not sure if that will give me trouble or not.

TCPilot, you had some really great comments. The Variant 9 is an interesting idea, and you are right the SA trigger is pretty good. You are probably also right about capacity. I really shouldn't let it influence my decision too much. (after all 12 rounds is kind of the magic number in law enforcement, statistically it is very rare for an officer to fire more than 12 rounds if they do have to use thier weapon. I do normally carry at least one extra mag but if it came down to it, I'd rather not have to reload.

I am going to the range tonight and I'll rent an HK, a Sig and some suitable 1911. That will be the real test.

Thanks again for all the good feedback, I'll have to let you know how it went.
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