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Or, the Universal A***** & Sentry Elimination Pistol. (fill in the blank with your favorite politically incorrect word that starts with "A").
This idea sprung from my mind full grown a few months back; some of you might remember me mentioning it in passing in a thread on the Kimber forum, I think it was. I didn't want to share just yet, because I didn't want someone beating me to the punch :D
However, I got another couple of projects I want built more, so this one's kind of low priority, so I'm gonna air it out and see what y'all think.
The general idea is to build a 1911 that closely emulates the HK USP45 Tactical. It's meant to be black, ugly, and all business.
Ideal base would be a Caspian recon frame in aluminum; titanium fills the need to emulate the light weight of the USP's polymer frame, but if I were doing it personally, I don't trust the titanium frames yet. Unfortunately, Caspian doesn't offer aluminum, so, steel or titanium both work.
Cut the frame back a little bit to mate it up with a Commander length 4.25" slide. Relieve the sides of that slide from the muzzle to the ejection port to emulate the shape of the USP slide. Fit a match grade, bushing barrel, that's FIVE inches long.
Fit the grip safety flush, and cut a C.T. Brian style flush fit hammer to include a USP cocking nub. Do the front and backstrap in either Ned Christiansen's Conamyds or Shallowmyds. Sights should be pirated from and fitted the same as the SA TRP Operator.
Finish it in Black-T and Navidrex black Micarta, Simonich Gunner, or Grit grips, then ship it to your favorite suppressor manufacturer to have the barrel cut back, recrowned, and threaded. Screw on one of said manufacturers Suppressors, attach a LAM, and go have fun.

"I work for Ninjaburger at the mall; does that make me a Mall Ninja?"
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