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USPSA revolvers shoot against revolvers, or should, according to the rules. If I'm the only Revolver at a match, I generally shoot Limited so as not to be a class of one. Not whining--my choice. Besides, it's fun to pick on the autoloaders that I *can* beat.

The only thing worse than coming out to your first match and having to shoot those 8-round arrays with a six-shot revolver is getting beat by an eight-shot revolver that is no longer legal to purchase in your state!

Six shots fired levels the field in revolver class, which is supposed to be an entry-level class with a level playing field, not one defined by how much you can spend on equipment. No equipment race, lots of reloads. Such is life. Broken firing pin excepted, I haven't been last at a USPSA match in over a year--and that's with only six shots.

Shoot what you like, like what you shoot. I choose to shoot revolver because it's always fun for me--and if you're not having fun, you should find another game.

Good course design can help a lot. Eight shot arrays from boxes isn't much fun with a six shooter, true. Field courses, though, can be a hoot to solve. Using extras from an early reload required by an eight shot array to reduce later arrays to six shots can cut LOTS of reloads out of the COF. You've definitely gotta have your head in the game to succeed with a revolver.

The game is what we make it. The field is level under the current rule.

Eight-shot revolvers can still compete in revolver class if they only shoot six, and are legal and can be competitive in production, limited, limited 10, and (less competitive but technically legal) open divisions.

Reducing tests of skill to an equipment race sucks, unless you can afford to win in that race, and then it still sucks if you have any honor at all. Limited-10 and Revolver divisions have been developed to avoid that issue, and that is as it should be. I think Open and Limited divisions have great value as a place for the equipment racers to go, since everybody should be able to play. With the current 8-round arrays, six-shot revolvers are at a distinct disadvantage, but at least under the current rules, we are ALL under the same disadvantage.



"Formerly we suffered from crimes; now we suffer from laws." --- Publius Cornelius Tacitus

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