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Want to puchase a .45

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I want to step up to a .45 caliber. At present I carry concealed a .40 caliber Walther P99QA.

I do not know whether to buy a small of full size .45.

Want either a Kimber, Sig or Wilson but do not know enough about each of them to make a choice.

Will spend up to $1500.

Would appreciate suggestions?
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Well, any of the makers named turn out a good product. Wilson, however, is a custom/semi-custom shop whereas the others are commercial entities. The wilson line will demonstrate more hand-fitting that a Sig or Kimber.

If you have no qualms paying $1500, I would suggest the Wilson simply because of the quality fitting. A Sig is definitely well-made and I don't hesitate to recommend them.

Given the three choices, the Kimber and Wilson are the same gun, the Wilson is simply built better. If the feel of the 1911 is better than the Sig, that's what you go with.

Both styles can be accurate and reliable. But, no Sig will ever be as fun to shoot as the 1911, nor as easily customized.

Of course, you might want to buy a baseline Colt 1991 and customize it once you've learned about the weapon. You'll love them.

If you're not a customizing kind of guy and like the feel of the 1911 over the Sig, go with the Wilson.

Size is too personal choice, but concealing a full size 5" 1911 isn't that hard.

I've rambled enough. Let me know if I've helped.

When reason fails...
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I agree with Vaughn. The Sig is a well-built, quality firearm and would serve the basic needs of most shooters well... but oh the feeling of a good 1911!

I'd also agree that Wilson is hard to beat if you REALLY want to spend that much on a gun. Personally though, I'd spend much less for a production gun and use the extra cash to personalize it (i.e. quality gun leather, distinctive grips, extra mags, and a ton of ammo).

While my own preference leans toward Springfield and Colt, if Kimber is what floats your boat by all means get one (or at least put some serious thought into it).

As far as barrel length goes, the longer barrelled guns are easier to shoot well than the 3" or 3.5" and if you can find a bull barrelled model (like the 4" SA Champion) that extra weight up front helps control muzzle flip even more.

From my own experience, the .45 tends to have more torque than straight back recoil. That, with the muzzle flip, have caused me to stick with 4" to 5" barrels. Any shorter and I personally have trouble getting back on target quickly.

Much of this you probably already know, but I hope this helps a bit.

Good luck with your purchase!


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I like the full size single stack 1911 as they are quite narrow, easy to carry and quite comfortable when carried concealed.
I have the Springfield Armory Loaded it is exceptionally accurate and it's reliability is as good as it gets. I have several nice pistols, but this is the one that makes me giggle.
Have a nice evening, Rabon
P.S. the fun factor with the 1911 is incredible.
If I had $1500 to spend, there's no doubt I would be drooling all over the Wilson catalog right now.
to be honest, if you want a good 45 single stack its hard to beat the commander size 1911's. i have a new one that i carry off duty. i prefer the full size, but the commander is shorter enough in the slide that it is comparable to the sig p220 and will do anything the sig will do, and you get the benifits of the 1911 style.

i haven't had any experiance with anything smaller than the commander, because i want all of my 1911's to use the same mags.

its hard to go wrong with the 1911, and the new colt commander i have has been great

shop around and see what works best for you

russel the cop.

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Originally posted by shepsan:
Will spend up to $1500.

Would appreciate suggestions?
Wilson Combat or Les Baer. For $1500 you will be getting the most gun for your money with either maker.
To you who have responded to my posting, your responses have been outstanding!

I sincerely thank you for your opinions, suggestions and overall comments. You have really helped me to decide what I am going to do.

I hope that in the future I too might add something positive to this excellent forum.
Originally posted by shepsan:

I hope that in the future I too might add something positive to this excellent forum.

Please post a review on whatever you buy and let us know whatcha' got!

BTW, which way are you leaning now?

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